Bringing a Dog into the US

Are you planning to move to the United States and you also want to take your dog with you? If so, then there are some important details to consider in order to take your dog safely and legally to the destination. Here is more useful information about bringing your dog into the US.

Make Accommodations for Flying

Most people who travel internationally do it via airplane. Therefore, if you are planning on flying and you want to bring your dog with you as well, then there are several considerations you must make. Your pet is allowed to travel with you in the cabin or underneath the plane as cargo. Dogs are considered extra baggage and you will be charged according to the weight. Most airlines allow you to take the dog as a carry on only if his crate fits under the seat in front of you. However, each airline has its own rules and you must know exactly what those rules are. Your dog should also have health certificates that are not older than 10 days. In plus, some dangerous breeds are restricted from traveling on certain airlines, and that’s why you must be well-informed before making such a decision.

Prepare the Dog for the Journey

Travel can be quite stressful for any pet, and that’s why you need to crate train your dog before the journey, especially if it’s going to be a long one. Your dog must be familiarized with the crate, and he must also learn to associate it with positive feedback. What you should do is to start with putting food, water, as well as toys in your pet’s crate and allow him to come and go as many time as he wishes. Also, shutting your dog in the crate while you are out is an excellent way to teach him to accept being confined to it. In two or three weeks, your pet should have calmed down about being inside the crate. Another important detail that you must take into account is that you need to clip your pet’s nails. In most cases, dogs get really nervous and they might try to claw their way out of the carrier and they can hurt themselves if their nails are long. When it comes to feeding your dog before the journey, you must definitely not do it in the two hours leading to the flights.

Know the Regulations

It is essential that you know the regulations, and learn about other special circumstances. For example, the United States has a special protocol for allowing dogs to enter the country. Screwworm is known to infect dogs and in case your country contains this parasitic then your dog will need a certificate from a licensed veterinarian. In case you are from a country that has experienced Foot and Mouth Disease, then again you must take special considerations if taking your dog to the United States, and the list continues. The idea is to know all the information regarding this aspect. However, once you get here you will be able to fully enjoy what America has to offer. As a recommendation, single men can hire escorts if they are new in town and they need to make some friends and also go out and have fun. In the US escorts are very popular especially within tourist and those who recently moved here.

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